llywelyn floating
offshore wind farm

Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy have formed a new partnership to develop floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, in both English and Welsh waters. With grid connections secured and almost a year’s worth of bird surveys already completed, plans for Llywelyn are advancing at a pace.  


Located in Welsh waters off the coast of Pembrokeshire and with an installed capacity of 300MW, LLywelyn will make a significant contribution to meeting the 1GW target for floating offshore wind in the UK by 2030.

Llywelyn’s location has  been selected following an extensive assessment process which included the review of protected areas, environmental impact, cable routing, existing infrastructure, marine traffic, and fishing activity.  

After this initial site evaluation and feasiblity analysis, the project has made significant progress in 2021.

Monthly bird and mammal surveys are ongoing since March 2021 and are planned to cover two breeding seasons. The studies have been done In cooperation with Natural Resources Wales and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

An agreement was signed in September 2021 with National Grid, securing a 300MW connection in South Wales. The system operator is exploring upgrades to the existing site to facilitate the connection, which is planned to be operational in 2029.  

These developments will enable Llywelyn offshore wind project  to quickly enter into the planning system, once consented it could contribute to UK government's 1GW floating wind target by 2030.

We are also actively engaged with the supply chain in the Wales and are planning on developing a local manufacturing base for floating offshore wind. Based on our extensive knowledge of the sector we will select technologies that can maximise existing regional infrastructure while optimising new investments.

Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy have also undertaken outreach towards the local port authorities through meetings, during which technical requirements for port infrastructure have been discussed. This on-going dialogue will help assess the existing infrastructure in the region, map it out against the project needs and identify the gaps so as to make sure that any planned and upcoming investments and upgrades to the harbours meet the specific requirements of the floating wind industry.

The Crown Estate has recently announced its plans for new leasing oppoortunities in commercial-scale floating wind projects in the Celtic Sea, confirming its ambition to unlock up to 4GW of this technology in England and Wales and help kick-start a new industry in the UK. Floating wind technology will be key to  open up potential deep water sites around the UK and to meeting the UK net-zero target. It will also contribute towards revitalising coastal communities and create local jobs.

The swift development of Llywelyn will play a major role in the progression of a floating wind industry in the Celtic Sea, and will be instrumental as a stepping stone for larger developments by the end of the decade to help meet the 2035 4GW target. We are keen to continue working with The Crown Estate and the (local) development community to put in the place a suitable regulatory framework that will allow projects like Llywelyn to be delivered in the second half of this decade.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a detailed website providing further information about our Llywelyn project.

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300 MW
20 Turbines
40 Miles
from land
232,392 Homes equivalent*

*Calculated as the installed capacity (300MW), multiplied by BEIS’s “all wind” (onshore & offshore) load factor expressed as a fraction of 1 (0.3164)
multiplied by the number of hours in a year (8,760), divided by the average annual domestic electricity consumption expressed in KWh (3,578).

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Falck Renewables, active in the UK since 2002, is a global player in clean energy, participating in solar, onshore and offshore wind. It already operates 12 UK onshore wind farms (413 MW), including the 58.5MW Cefn Croes Wind Farm near Aberystwyth and has pioneered community ownership of wind energy by enabling thousands of people to buy stakes in their local wind farms.

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BlueFloat Energy BlueFloat Energy is a global offshore wind developer, whose team has unique, first-hand experience through all phases of floating offshore wind projects. The company is currently co-developing projects in France, Spain, Italy and New Zealand, in addition to the UK.

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